Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has become a valued approach for the retention and development of key individuals. It is particularly useful for supporting senior executives who have specific development needs and busy schedules. At Gryffindor our coaching solutions are designed around individual and organisational objectives and are effective, focused and flexible.

We offer:

  • 1 to 1 Executive Coaching - a highly trained accredited Executive coach for the development of a valuable member of the team – read more
  • Team Coaching – team coaching to build connection and capability in a team
  • In House Tailored Coach Training Programmes - to develop your internal coaching capability
  • Telephone Coaching - to support a project team or International Executives
  • Business Coaching – to support an Owner/Operator or Entrepreneur

We have a team of very successful individuals who in addition to being experienced Executive Coaches have also had Board level Executive careers themselves. The team all have advanced coaching qualifications. We subscribe to the codes of ethics of both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

At Gryffindor we have identified 4 key occasions executive coaching can quantifiably add value.

Transition Coaching

Getting to grips with a new job in a new business can be challenging. We coach new job entrants enabling them to set clear early success agendas for action in new roles. This process accelerates the value they bring in their new role and the impact they make on appointment.

Accelerating High Potential

From time to time very able people need to step back and examine whether their strategies for performance are the best way forward. Properly self-managed; strengths can be positioned to accelerate performance. Strengths can become a liability if mispositioned or misread by others. Several of our more successful clients have benefited from behavioural training in influencing, innovation, strategic thinking and leadership, to release their abilities, at the right time.

Achieving Specific Objectives

Even well-established executives are tasked with new objectives, sometimes very different to their own experiences. Stretch strategies, reengineering, global reach and strategic workshops often result in fresh demands on senior individuals. We help them clarify their priorities and high impact behaviours. Several senior clients undertaking radical restructuring programmes are using our advice and approach.

Achieving Organisational Change

Organisational change is experienced emotionally as well as logically. People often need to depersonalise the impact of change on their confidence and commitment through using change management frameworks. Change affects people in different ways, linked understandably to their personality, values and experiences. We always work from the individual perspective which is so very often overlooked by the corporate process. In this way, many corporate change leaders benefit from using Gryffindor as their external sounding board.

Learn more about our range of Coaching services

Learn more about our range of Coaching services

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