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Success – Make a Habit of it

In these challenging times, whilst we are isolated and in lockdown, it gives us a chance to take stock, review our lives (both professionally and personally) and decide what we want to achieve and how we can become the person we desire to be. This article focuses on how we can make positive changes in our lives to develop positive habits and banish those negative behaviours that damage us both mentally and physically.

Published Wed 26th Aug 2020

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How To Be A Great Team Leader

When you’ve been promoted into a management role, it’s exciting. You’ve worked hard at your job and been recognised for your performance but it’s a well-known fact that just because you’re great at your job, doesn’t mean you will make a great leader.

Published Wed 26th Aug 2020

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How to Keep Your Employees Engaged

If ever there was a time to consider how engaged your employees are, it’s now. We have all been through dramatic changes in the workplace this year and it’s not going to get back to anywhere near normal for a long time to come. That’s a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Your staff will react to the changes in different ways. Everyone will be different so how on earth can you keep them engaged?

Published Tue 28th Jul 2020

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Making Management Bonuses Work

Just before Christmas a friend of mine was complaining about the fact that his company had just announced that they would not be paying the company bonus to employees this year...

Published Thu 16th Jan 2020

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